Associate Members

  • Abtech Atl. Surveying Equipment

    115-C Harrison Blvd.
    Moncton, NB
    E1H 3T3
    Rep: Luc Mclaughlin
    email: lmclaughlin@abtech.cc
    Tel:506 800 0365;512
    Cel:506 888 8859
    Surveying Equipment

  • Acrow Limited

    70 King St. East
    Bolton, ON, L7E 3G2
    Ken Scott
    Tel: 905 857 2669
    Fax: 905 857 1334
    Design, Manufacture, Supply, Prefabricated Steel Bridges

  • ADS Canada

    35 King Street,
    Petitcodiac NB,
    E4Z 4K8
    Rep: Sean Casey – ADS Sales Engineer
    HDPE and PP pipe and Stormtech Chambers

  • Aggregate Equipment Ltd.

    186 Truro Heights Road
    Truro, NS
    B6L 1X1
    Tel: (902)896-6000 Fax: 897-6000
    E-mail: brian.appleby@aeal.ca
    Rep: Brian Appleby

  • Akita Equipment & Auto Transport

    PO Box 1093
    Goulds, NL
    A1S 1H2
    Tel: (709)368-2051 Fax: 368-4045
    E-mail: chris@akitaequipment.com
    Rep: Chris Howlett
    Transportation of heavy equipment

  • Alantra Leasing

    98 Cougle Rd
    P O Box 4375
    Sussexx, NB E4E 5L5
    Marcus deWinter
    Tel 506 433-3757
    Fax 506 432-9076

  • Allnorth Consultants Limited

    2 Hunts Lane
    St. John’s , NL
    A1B 2L3
    Rep: Michael Kirkride, P.Eng
    Tel: 709 579-1492
    Fax: 888 839-3114
    email: mkirkbride@allnorth.com

  • AllRock Consulting Ltd.

    43 Welland Street
    St. John’s, NL
    A1E 1T6
    Contact: Scott Allen
    Email: scott.allen@allrockconsulting.com
    Tel: 709 660-1696
    Geotechnical and Materials Engineering

  • Amcast Canada Industries Ltd.

    865 Belmont 11th. Line
    Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0
    Rep: Peter Patterson
    email: peter@amcastonline.com
    Phone 631-974-2600

  • Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

    125 Kelsey Drive – Suite 100
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 0L2
    Rep: Tina McCue
    Tel: 709 758-5632 Fax: 739-1001
    E-mail: tina.mccue@aon.ca
    Rep: Tara Rye
    Tel: (902)474-1202
    E-mail: tara.rye@aon.ca

    Insurance Brokers, Risk Consultants

  • Apex Construction Specialties Inc.

    41 Beclin Road, P.O. Box 8776
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3T2
    Tel: (709) 726-1111 Fax: 726-5315
    E-mail: kwalsh@apexspec.ca
    Rep: Ken Walsh
    Construction specialties supplier

  • Armtec Inc.

    444 Conception Bay Highway, CBS
    A1X 2B8
    Tel: (709) 754-3553 Fax: (709) 754-3555
    E-mail: lorne.stuckey@armtec.com
    Rep: Lorne Stuckey / Glenn Smith
    Supplier, corrugated steel, pipe, guide rails, geo. textiles, highway construction products, multi plate pipes


  • Arrow Construction Products Ltd.

    19 Old Placentia Road
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1A 4P4
    Tel: (709) 745-2505 Fax: 745-2008
    E-mail: brocklehurstc@arrowco.ca
    Rep: Cory Brocklehurst
    Quality product solutions for design and construction


  • ASTEC Inc.

    10 Golden Hawk Drive
    Miramichi NB E1N 3N7
    Tel: (416) 575-0375
    E-mail: troussy@astecinc.com
    Rep: Tim Roussy
    Manufacturer of HMA/WMA equipment

  • Atlantic Industries Ltd.

    388 Kenmount Rd
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3R2
    Tel: (709) 738-2772 Ext: 55403
    Fax: 738-2773
    E-mail: tdunn@ail.ca
    Rep: Terry Dunn
    Corrugated metal pipe, guide rails, structural plate arch, welded wire walls, gabions, mechanically stabilized earth walls

  • Ault Equipment Ltd.

    30 Rue Nadeau
    Waterloo, Quebec
    J0E 2N0
    Tel: (902) 452-1273
    Toll Free: 1-855-300-2858
    Fax: 1-855-300-3390
    Rep: Michael Barrett
    E-mail: michael@ault.ca

  • Battlefield Equipment Rentals

    6 Beclin Road, Mount Pearl
    P.O. Box 8335, Stn. “A”
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3N7
    Tel:(709) 745-8766 Fax: 745-8769
    E-mail: konrad.colbourne@toromont.com
    Rep: Konrad Colbourne
    Industrial construction equipment supplier, service, rentals and sales

  • Bird Stairs

    153 Glencoe Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4S7
    Tel: (709) 747-0040 Fax: 747-0051
    E-mail: rpetten@birdstairs.ca
    Rep: Robin Petten

  • Black & McDonald Ltd.

    26A Dundee Ave., Donovans Ind. Park
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4R7
    Tel: (709) 747-1406 Fax: 747-1456
    E-mail: gdalton@blackandmcdonald.com
    Rep: George Dalton
    Electrical/Mechanical Contractor

  • Brandt Tractor Ltd

    15 Allston Street
    Mount Pearl, NL A1N 0A3
    Tel: 709 632-1834
    Rep: Greg Collier
    E-mail: gcollier@brandt.com
    Survey, engineering, construction supplies. Plotting large format CAD equipment supplier

  • C&T Enterprises Ltd.

    P.O. Box 2
    Forteau, NL
    A0K 2P0
    Tel: (709) 931-2191 Fax: 931-2193
    E-mail: gtrimm@ctenterprises.ca
    Rep: Gaius Trimm
    Ready mix concrete

  • Canada Pipe

    55 Feid Street
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8P 4M3
    Martin Phinney
    email- martin.phinney@canadapipe.com
    Tel: 506-691-9229
    Ductile Iron Pipe Manufacturer

  • City Tire & Auto Centre Ltd.

    P.O. Box 549, 1123 Topsail Rd.
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 2W4
    Rep: Shayne Greening
    Tel: (709) 727-0573 Fax_ (709) 364-7775
    Email: shayne.greening@citytire.com
    Tire sales and services

  • Construction Signs Limited

    Ryan O’Keefe
    Bus: Signs & Safety Products
    1352 Topsail Road
    P O Box 8333
    St. John’s, NL A1B 3N7
    PH: 709 782-1000 FX: 709 782-1404
    Email: ryan@constructionsignsltd.com

  • Crane Supply

    31 Clyde Ave., P.O. Box 1800
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4R8
    Tel: (709) 747-7510 Fax: 747-7795
    E-mail: paul.traverse@cranesupply.com
    Rep: Paul Traverse
    Supplier of water and sewer material for the municipal industry

  • Cummins Sales and Service

    122 Clyde Avenue
    Mt. Pearl, NL
    A1N 4S3
    Rep: Gordon Brinson
    Tel: (709) 747-0192 Fax: 747-2283
    E-mail: gordon.brinson@cummins.com
    Cummins diesel engines, Onan generators, sales, parts, service


    60 Clyde Ave
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4R8
    Tel: (709) 754-4900 Fax: 726-5315
    E-mail: jim.kasemets@am.dynonobel.com
    Rep: Jim Kasemets
    Distributors of explosives and accessories, drilling and blasting and supplies

  • East Coast Hydraulics Nfld Ltd.

    9 Sagona Avenue
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4P8
    Tel: (709) 747-2121 Fax: 747-2262
    E-mail: jeff@eastcoasthydraulics.ca
    Rep: Jeff Barnes

  • Eastern Frontier Inc.

    7 Murley Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 3E1
    Rep: John Adams
    Tel: 709 330 7980
    email: jadams@easternfrontier.ca
    Industrial auctioneer

  • EMCO-Waterworks Supplies

    A Division of EMCO Ltd.
    18 Bruce Street
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4T4
    Tel: (709) 747-2626 Fax: 747-2623
    E-mail: sdowling@emcoltd.com
    Rep: Shawn Dowling
    Supplier of waterworks and sewer material, municipal supplies

  • Epiroc

    36 Stenaford Avenue
    Pasadena, NL
    A0L 1K0
    E-mail: nicholas.dillman@epiroc.com
    Rep: Nicholas Dillman

  • Gillis Truckways Inc. Trailer Sale

    9198 Baddeck Inlet, P.O. Box 98
    Baddeck, NS
    B0E 1B0
    Tel: (902) 295-2000 Fax 295-2452
    E-mail: gillistrailers@seaside.ns.ca
    Rep: Duncan E. Gillis
    Supplying quality trailers to transport & construction industry. Also used and new dumps and floats

  • Harvey and Company Ltd.

    88 Kenmount Road
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3R1
    Tel: (709) 738-8911 Fax 738-8944
    Rep: Dave Walsh
    E-mail: dwalsh@harveyco.com
    Heavy equipment dealer

  • Harvey’s Oil Ltd.

    PO Box 5787
    St.John’s, NL
    A1C 5X3
    Rep: Robert Hayward
    Tel: 709 330-9720
    email: rhayward@harveysoil.com
    Rep: Paul McDonald
    Tel: 709 727-9720
    email: pmcdonald@harveysoil.com
    Fuel and Lubricants

  • Hi-Tech Scales Ltd.

    31 Bremigens Blvd.
    Paradise, NL
    A1L 4A2
    Tel: (709) 834-8670 Fax: 834-8670
    E-mail: hitechscales@nfld.net
    Rep: Claude Rose
    Scale sales and service

  • Hi-Vis Traffic Control Inc.

    374 Fowlers Road, CBS, NL
    A1W 4K5
    Rep: Reg Chaytor
    Tel: 709 687-5729
    E-mail: reg@highvistrafficcontrol.com
    Fax: 709 834-6266
    Traffic Control, Highway Escorts

  • Hickman Automotive Group

    85 Kenmount Road
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3N7
    Tel: (709) 757-6496 Fax 726-9206
    Rep: Rick Noel
    E-mail: rnoel@hickmanmotors.ca
    Light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, pickups & cars

  • Ipex Inc.

    16 Beclin Road
    Mount Pearl
    P.O. Box 13247
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 4A5
    Tel: (709) 747-7473 Fax: 368-9111
    E-mail: matthew.manning@@ipexna.com
    Rep:Matthew Manning

  • Irving Oil Commercial GP

    10 King Square South
    Saint John, NB E2E 0G3
    REP: Cody Fullerton
    Tel: (506) 650-5401
    Email: cody.fullerton@irvingoil.com
    Asphalt Supply

  • Johnson’s Concrete Ltd

    1 Massey Drive Access Road
    Corner Brook, NL
    P.O.Box 817
    A2H 6E3
    Rep: Robert McGinn
    email: rmcginn@jclinc.ca
    Tel: 709-639-2303
    Fax: 709-639-2312
    Ready Mix Concrete, Precast and Aggregate Supply


    15 St Anne’s Crescent
    Paradise, NL
    A1L 3W1
    Tel: (709) 364-3060 Fax: 364-9554
    E-mail: 931@gcrcanada.ca
    Rep: Denis Rose
    Tire retail and wholesale, tire sales and service

  • LBC Capital Inc.

    510 Topsail Road
    Suite 102
    St. John’s , NL
    Contact: Mark Taylor
    Tel: 709-725-0126
    Financial Services

  • Madsen Construction Equipment

    141 Glencoe Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4S7
    Tel: (709) 747-7841 Fax: 747-7847
    Rep: Geoff Pearcey
    E-mail: geoff.pearcey@madsen.ca

    Case construction equipment dealer

  • Merit Contractors Association of NL

    446 Newfoundland Drive, Suite 213
    St. John’s, NL A1A 4G7
    Janine Tobin
    email: merit@merit-nl.ca
    T: 709.576.3748
    F: 709.576.3749

  • Mueller

    82 Hooper Road
    Barrie, On
    L4N 8Z9
    Jeff B Jensen
    1 902 222 4206
    Water Distribution Products

  • Newcrete Investments

    P.O.Box 8056 STN A
    St.John’s, NL
    Tel: 709 364-5008
    Fax: 709 364-4833
    Gary Guinchard gary.guinchard@capitalprecast.ca
    Jason Coish jason.coish@capitalreadymix.ca
    Joe Blundon joe.blundon@concreteproducts.ca
    Manufacturer of Ready Mix Concrete, Precast Concrete, Aggregate, Masonry and Landscape Block

  • Newfoundland Power

    P.O. Box 8910
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3P6
    Tel: (709) 737-5207
    E-mail: jcurran@newfoundlandpower.com
    Rep: John Curran

  • Normore Enterprises Ltd.

    P.O. Box 70
    L’anse au Loup, NL
    A0K 3L0
    Tel: (709) 927-5648 Fax: 927-5027
    E-mail: sel@normoreenterprises.ca
    Rep: Selwin Normore
    General contractors and services

  • North Atlantic Petroleum

    29 Pippy Place
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3X2
    Tel: (709) 579-5831 Fax: 579-5087
    E-mail: clocke@northatlantic.ca
    Rep: Corey Locke

  • Northeast Truck and Trailor

    Trailer Sales and Service
    83 Hubcentre Dr.
    Upper Onslow, NS
    B6L OC8
    Rep: Andy Leblanc
    Tel: 902 895-8400
    Fax: 902 897-8401

  • Petrela, Winter & Associates

    12-14 Bruce Park Ave.
    Toronto, ON
    M4P 2S3
    Rep: Woody Brown
    Tel: 1 416 488-2522
    email: cbrown@petrela.com
    Business: Bonding, Insurance, Advisory

  • Protek Industries

    152 Glencoe Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4S9
    Rep: Trevor Crann
    email: trevor.crann@nf.aibn.com
    Tel: 1 709 747 0990
    Cell: 1 709 689 8168
    Fax: 1 709 368 6273
    Guide Rail, Signage, Traffic Control, C.S.P Pipe

  • RBC Royal Bank

    226 Water Street
    2nd Floor
    St. John’s, NL
    A1C 1A9
    Rep: Gail Ryan
    E-mail: gail.d.ryan@rbc.com
    Tel: 709-725-2282
    Fax: 709-576-4441

  • Reefer Repair Services

    172 Glenco Drive,
    Mount Pearl, NL, A1N 4P7
    Rep: Robin Yarn
    Tel : 709 364-8251
    Fax: 709 747-3820
    Dealer for Hyundai Construction Equipment, Manac Trailers & Kenworth Trucks

  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

    63 Lysander Avenue, P.O. Box 308
    Air Industrial Park
    Debert, NS
    B0M 1G0
    Cell: 709-765-1581
    E-mail:  kabbott@ritchiebros.com
    Rep: Kent Abbott
    Industrial auctioneers

  • Rodco Mechanical (2014) Ltd

    257 Conception Bay Highway, Holyrood
    PO Box 169
    A0A 2R0
    Rep: Steve Puddicombe
    Email: steve@rodcomechanical.com
    Tel: 709 231-2399 ext 102

  • Rogers Enterprises Limited (REL)

    10 Maverick Place
    Paradise, NL
    A1L 0J1
    Rep: A. Bruce Rogers
    Tel: 709 753-8002
    Fax: 709 753-8004
    Health and Safety Consulting & Training

  • S & S Supply / Crosstownn Rentals

    1281 Topsail Rd
    St. John’s, NL
    A1N 5G3
    Rep: Johnny Tucker
    email: sssupplyjt@nf.aibn.com
    Tel: 709 747-5558
    Fax: 709 747-5569
    Business: Construction, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Equipment, Sales and Rental Supply

  • Safety First Contracting 1995 Ltd.

    922 Topsail Road
    Mt. Pearl, NL
    A1N 3K1
    Rep: Gary Mullaly
    Cell: 709-730-5071
    Office: 709-722-5735
    email: Gary@safetyfirst-sfc.com

  • Sancton Equipment Inc

    220 Cutler Avenue
    Dartmouth, NS
    B3B 0J6
    Andrew Sancton
    Tel: (902) 468-4366
    Fax: (902) 468-2074
    Sales and Service – Rock Crushing and Screening, paving and asphalt maintenance equipment and wear parts.

  • SMS Equipment Inc.

    5 St. Anne’s Crescent
    Paradise, NL
    A1L 3W1
    Tel: (709) 782-2151 Fax: 782-2155
    E-mail: dgogal@smsequip.com
    Rep: David Gogal
    Heavy equipment dealer

  • Soleno Inc.

    64 North Lane
    McAdam,NB  E6J 1K6
    Business: Storm Water Solutions
    Tel: 506 784 1888
    Cell: 902 222 9499
    Fax: 506 784 1890
    Rep: Derek Collins
    email: dcollins@soleno.com

  • Stantec

    141 Kelsey Drive
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 0L2
    Rep: Tina Raymond, Office Manager
    Tel: 709 576-1458
    Fax: 709 576-2126
    email: Tina.Raymond@stantec.com
    Geotechnical, environmental engineering

  • Steers Insurance

    P.O. Box 1776
    99 Airport Road
    St. John’s, NL
    A1C 5P9
    Tel: (709) 722-1532 Fax: 722-6612
    E-mail: wgreen@steersinsurance.com
    Rep: Wanda Green

  • Stella-Jones Inc (Newfoundland Hardwoods)

    P.O. Box 40
    Clarenville, NL
    A0E 1J0
    Tel: (709) 466-7941 Fax: 466-2170
    E-mail: bstrowbridge@stella-jones.com
    Rep: Bonnie Strowbridge
    Wood treating and kiln dried timber

  • Strongco Ltd.

    54 Glencoe Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4S9
    Tel: 1 709 764-5059
    Fax: 1 709 747-4059
    Rep: Doug Whitten
    Regional Vice President
    Heavy Equipment Sales

  • Superior Screens, Conveyors and Crushers Inc.

    26 General Manson Way
    Miramichi, NB
    E1N 6L1
    Contact: Phil Grainger
    Email: philip.grainger@superior-ind.com
    Tel: (506) 622-3115 Fax: (506) 627-4875
    Screens, Conveyors and Crushers
    Aggregate and Mining Equipment Manufacturer

  • TD Bank

    140 Water Street, 7th Floor
    St. John’s, NL
    A1C 6H6
    Rep: Carole Vautour
    Tel: 1 506 850 7487
    Fax: 1 800 223 6608
    Commercial Bank & Equipment Financing

  • Toromont Cat

    82 Kenmount Road, P.O. Box 8940
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 3S2
    Tel: (709) 722-5660 Fax: 722-1177
    E-mail: mslater@toromont.com
    Rep: Murry Slater
    Dealer for “Caterpillar Equipment” sales, rentals, parts and service

  • Travelers Insurance Company of Canada

    20 Queen Street West – Suite 200
    Toronto, ON
    M5H 3R3
    Tel: (416) 360-8183 Fax: (416) 360-8267
    Rep: Peter Andrikopoulos
    E-mail: pandriko@travelers.com
    Surety bonding

  • Trout River Industries

    Jeff Gard
    32 Trout River Road
    RR#3 Coleman, NS C0B 1H0
    Cell: 902.856.0417
    Tel: 1.888.995.1200

  • United Rentals of Canada

    1269 Topsail Road, P.O. Box 939
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 2Y2
    Tel: (709) 748-3319 Fax: (709) 748-3330
    E-mail: llawrence@ur.com
    Rep: Lou Lawrence
    Rental Equipment

  • Wedgwood Insurance Ltd.

    85 Thorburn Road, P.O. Box 13370
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 4B7
    Tel: (709) 753-3210 Fax: 753-4406
    E-mail: bbuckingham@wedgwoodinsurance.com
    Rep: Bill Buckingham
    Insurance, risk management


  • Western Petroleum Newfoundland Ltd.

    74 O’Leary Ave
    Suite 101
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 2C7
    Tel: (709) 690-3500 Fax: 709-747-5178
    E-mail: paul.rossiter@westernpetroleum.ca
    Rep: Paul Rossiter
    Fuel and lubricants

  • Western Pump Services

    P.O. Box 39
    Norris Point, NL
    A0K 2V0
    Tel: (709) 458-2178 Fax: 754-4714
    E-mail: geraldbugden@netscape.net
    Rep: Gerald Bugden
    Pump sales, service and repair

  • Western Surety Company

    495-99 Wyse Rd.
    Dartmouth , NS
    B3A 4S5
    Contact: Wes Benson
    email: wbenson@westernsurety.ca
    Tel: 1 902 425 6985
    Fax: 1 902 425 7021
    Business : Surety Company

  • Wolseley Waterworks

    9 Corey King Drive
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 0A5
    Tel: (709) 754-4213   Fax: 754-4714
    Cell: (709) 725-3917
    E-mail: kirk.stokes@wolseleyinc.ca
    Rep: Kirk Stokes
    Industrial supplies

  • Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

    P.O. Box 13216
    St. John’s, NL
    A1B 4A5
    Tel: (709)722-7023 Fax: 722-5025

  • Xylem Inc.

    157 Glencoe Drive – Unit 101
    Mount Pearl, NL
    A1N 4S7
    Tel: 1 709 722-6717 Ext.23
    Fax: 1 709 722-9832
    E-mail: scott.baird@xyleminc.com
    Rep: Scott Baird
    Flygt pumps, generators, sales, service, rentals

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  • Statutory review of the Freedom of Information Act

    This is a file the HCANL has spent considerable time and expense in lobbying for change and we have had a positive outcome as outlined below. The Report is now Public and you can find the full 550 pages at the link below https://www.nlatippareview.ca/files/FINAL-REPORT-June-8-2021.pdf https://www.nlatippareview.ca/files/APPENDICES-FINAL-REPORT.pdf GOOD NEWS on Recommendation So Chair Osborne has made a […]

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  • Mental Health Toolbox Talk (NLCSA)

    Hi Folks, I hope that you are all keeping well with all of the current challenges around us. I am sharing this toolbox talk, on maintaining good mental health amid COVD-19, in the event you would like to share with your membership.  I have attached .pdf and included a link to the document on our […]

  • Federal Gas Tax Allocations

    As you know, the Prime Minister announced on June 1st that the Federal Government would be fast tracking to $2.2 billion in annual Gas Tax funding to municipalities to help with jump-starting the economy post-COVID. Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna released further details on this Friday past in the form of a breakdown of […]

  • SMS Equipment’s New Canada-Wide Dealership Agreements with World-Class Manufacturers, Industry Associations

    October 1, 2019 June 1, 2017, John Deere announced its acquisition of the Wirtgen Group of Companies. Subsequently, October 1, 2019, SMS Equipment and Wirtgen Group of Companies announced their mutual disassociation in the distribution of the Wirtgen product lines. SMS Equipment continues to grow with and invest in the roadbuilding and construction industry as […]

  • FYI to HCANL Members ; Circular – Call for 2021-2022 Municipal Infrastructure Applications

    Circular – Call for 2021-2022 Municipal Infrastructure Applications

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