2016 Committees

Specification – RB F. Penney/D. Spracklin/ B. Johnson

Specification – W&S B. Piercey/T. Robbins/R. Pottle/T Gosse

NLCSA/OH&S – D Gillingham / B. Hynes/R. Rose/

Pits & Quarries – L. House/R. Rose/B. Farrell/B. Johnson/
D. Gillingham/B. Short

Motor Vehicle – B. Johnson//L. House/K. Ryan

AGM/Seminars/West Coast Meeting – T. Dunn/D. Brown/C. Brown/R. Payne

Funding  RB  – R. Rose/ L. House/

Funding  W&S  –  C. Brown/ R. Pottle/ B. Piercey/ S. Chafe

Dispute Resolution RB –  B. Johnson/L. House/D. Gillingham

Dispute Resolution W&S  – B. Piercey/ R. Payne

Charity/Scholarships –  K. Ryan/S. Chafe/L. House

Membership –  C. Brown/B. Piercey/S. Chafe

National Education/Training  – D. Spracklin/K. Ryan

By-Laws –  K. Ryan/T. Gosse

Paving Committee  – F. Penney/ B. Farrell/ Levi House/
B. Piercey

Staff Committee   – President/Immed. Past-President/1st. Vice-President/2nd. Vice-President/ Treasurer

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