2019 Committees and Working Groups

Committee Chairs are Highlighted


Asphalt User/Producer Group                      Jim Organ

Water & Sewer Contractor Group                Jim Organ

Associate Member Committee                      Carole Vautour – Terry Dunn/Kirk Stokes/Roger Motty/Paul Dube/Steve Cumben

Specification/Paving Committee – RB           Leon House – /Brian Johnson/Fred Penney/PaulHurley/Brad Piercey/                 

Specification – W&S                                     Rob Payne – Tony Gosse/Brad Piercey/Steve Chafe/Kirk Stokes

NLCSA/OH&S                                               Darryl Gillingham – Barry Hynes

Construction Safety Committee                   Tony Gosse – Leon House/Roger Motty

Pits & Quarries                                             Brad Piercey – Leon House/Brian Johnson/          Jerome Coady

Motor Vehicle                                                       B. Johnson – L. House

Industry Funding Committee                              Jim Organ

(Report on RB & WS Funding)

Dispute Resolution – RB/WS                              Brian Johnson/Rob Payne

(To be filled by RB/WS Board Member as required)

Charity Oversight Committee                             Darryl Gillingham

Scholarship                                                                  Carole Vautour

Membership                                                                Kirk Stokes – Roger Motty/

Staff Oversight Committee                                    President – Past President/1st. Vice-Pres/Treasurer

CCA Vice-Chair                                                          Brad Piercey

By-Laws                                                                         Steve Chafe 

EVENTS COMMITTEE                                               Tony Gosse – Terry Dunn/Steve Chafe


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    New Traffic Control course now available 8.5×6

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  • Ruling on The Guarantee Company of North America v. Royal Bank

    FROM: Mary Van Buren, MBA, CAE President Canadian Construction Association Dear colleagues, I would like to provide a brief summary of what is an important win for our industry regarding the case of the Guarantee Company of North America v. Royal Bank that was ruled on January 14 by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The […]

  • Protecting your Heavy Equipment Investment

    In response to the recent headlines as noted below The Heavy Civil Association in conjunction with other related NL associations are reaching out to respective members with the following information. “Heavy equipment used to smash windows, steal ATM at Sobeys in St. John’s” CBC News “Heavy machinery was the tool of choice in a couple […]

  • Adapting to Succeed in a Lower-Carbon Economy

    I wanted to let HCANL Members know about a course (Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industries Association) NEIA  is providing in the new year (through one of its members) to help businesses adapt and succeed in the lower-carbon economy. The course (1) explicitly outlines the practical impact of carbon taxes, offsets, performance standards, electricity rates, etc. on […]

  • Discounted Assessment Rates Address Workers’ Compensation Surplus

    St. John’s, NL – Effective January 1, 2019, WorkplaceNL is applying a $0.21 discount to its average assessment rate, to reduce the rate from $1.90 to $1.69 per $100 of payroll for employers in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is the lowest average assessment rate paid by employers in over thirty-five years. This temporary discount is to […]

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